Breakfast menus

Start your day the Chef de la Maison way - sizzling full English breakfasts through to freshly baked croissants. Whatever your breakfast style we'll make it and deliver it.

Price includes paper plates and napkins



Breakfasts — from £2.50 per head

£2.50 each
Bacon rolls
Sausage rolls
Bacon and egg rolls
Bacon and brie rolls
Egg rolls


£3.00 each
Sauces provided free of charge
Breakfast baguettes - sausage, bacon and egg
Bacon baguettes
Sausage baguettes


Single items
£2.50 for two croissants with butter and jam
£1.50 for a danish pastries
£1.75 for a sliced fresh fruit platter
£0.60 for a yoghurt
£1.50 for a smoothie
£1.20 for a pain au chocolate
£1.00 each for a muffin
£0.60 for a fresh fruit juice or individual bottles of water


Cooked breakfast
£4.95 for sausage, bacon, eggs, beans and mushrooms with toast and butter
£1.00 for tea or coffee
£0.60 for a fresh fruit juice
£0.65 for a can of drink or bottled water